Lush Sleutsky

Senior Software Engineer


I specialize in frontend development - with an emphasis on React - and am driven by a continuous learning ethos. Having spent over a decade honing a pretty laudable skill set has allowed me to produce high-quality deliverables for organizations small and large, as well as enterprise level. I am always looking for new challenges - both professionally and personally - and ever since I built my very first web page dedicated to Michael Jordan back in the mid 90s, my fervor and enthusiasm for technology and engineering has continued to grow exponentially.

Work Experience

Senior Software Developer

SLP Toolkit | 2024

A Next.js web-based service for Speech Language Pathologists, providing tools extending OpenAI and Natural Language Processing for therapists to manage caseloads, create/view students and/or teachers, plan events, and much more.

  • Built 5 new cutting-edge UI features surrounding retrieving Firestore data via AI assistance.
  • Enhanced Firebase Cloud Functions to parse user-entered text to return AI-based action.
  • Incorporated OpenAI and Natural Language Processing functionality into UI features.

Senior Software Engineer

Hovr, Inc | 2023

A no-code solution that applies a second layer inteface over top an existing website, allowing the addition of anchors, triggers, highlights, and different effects on any element, granularly down to a single letter. This provides content-in-context to an end user’s journey, providing anything from videos, images, downloadable content - and more - all without needing to leave the current flow.

  • Engineered central frontend features with React and Redux Toolkit, built atop the Shdow DOM.
  • Delivered long-awaited feature-gating functionality, allowing payment tiers for specific features.
  • Furthered repositories in becoming ADA-compliant, allowing onboarding of major clients.

Staff Software Engineer

ASAP, Inc. | 2021-2023

High-traffic food delivery service primarily targeting the under-served regions of the US, spanning 3 independent sets of web and mobile apps, which would eventually culminate in a Greenfield project combining all essential features from each OpCo into one stylish, modern new website.

  • Overhauled primary React and Redux codebase, improving developer experience and efficiency.
  • Instituted performance solutions, elevating raw site speed and boosting fiscal projections.
  • Led Greenfield project building a new website in Next.js, TypeScrpt, and Tailwind CSS.

User Interface Developer

Comcast Business | 2018 - 2021

A rapid-iteration, Agile Scrum enterprise environment for building and maintaining Xfinity’s internet, voice, and TV options for Business Services Delivery customers.

  • Merged over 30 modular, reusable components into Storybook frontend workshop.
  • Boosted test coverage for client-side products to a hard minimum, future-proofing products.

Full Stack Developer

Angus Energy | 2017-2018

A powerful and fully customizable SaaS logistics and analytics web application for the fuel delivery services sector, consiting of a dashboard with built-to-order widgets with a ton of features.

  • Migrated Express.js monolith on AngularJS to Angular 6 with Docker, improving scalability.
  • Captured and converted real-time IoT data from in-field systems, and converted to visual KPIs.

Solutions Developer

Kids Live Safe | 2014-2015

An online resource providing critical information to the community in regards to child predators, sex offenders, and other threats, surpassing information found on most government-based databases.

  • Examined, modernized, and optimized legacy frontend code with best practice paradigms.
  • Conceptualized and wrote adaptive HTML e-mail templates to further marketing campaigns.

Principal Web Engineer

Three Brothers, Inc. | 2012-2017

Modern websites for home services industry that were built based on direct specifications from working with clients from top-to-bottom.

  • Launched and maintained responsive websites, incorporating jQuery, AngularJS, and Backbone.js

Frontend Web Developer

Shycon Design | 2009 - 2012

Wireframing and building eCommerce websites from a diverse set of clients and products, as well as providing SEO and Google AdWords campaigns.

  • Developed cross-browser compliant websites, minimizing bugs and optimizing data.